Press Passes

Are you with the media? A Limited Quantity of Press Passes Available

Are you looking for press passes or passes for photography or film? Thunder on the Mountain has confirmed an all-star line up for their inaugural event! Just fill out this simple application for consideration to the 2013 Thunder on the Mountain Country Music Festival. You are encouraged to submit an application as early as possible — the closer it gets to the event, the more competition there will be to get approved.

Basic Rules

Application deadline is Monday, May 6, 2013.

  1. Please indicate if you will be attending as a photographer, as a writer, or with a radio station.
  2. Press Passes are awarded only to legitimate sources of entertainment news. If you fail to provide enough information on this application to easily verify the news source, your application is automatically denied. Preference is given to those who have attended other festival(s) and have published news stories or photographs of the event(s).
  3. Freelancers (who are not working for a legitimate news source) need not apply.
  4. Press Access within the festival grounds depends on the needs of the festival and the performers.  Press Access is always subject to change.
  5. Any application may be denied for any reason.

Film Crews

A very limited number of film crews will be granted permission to work at Thunder on the Mountain. Additional rules and requirements apply. Please fill out the same application, and be very specific regarding your intentions for the work that you will produce. Once all of our needs for film crews are filled, all other applications will be denied; the deadline does not apply to film crews.

We’ll be in touch

We will notify you of your status within 4 weeks of submitting the application, and you may be required to provide more information to finalize the process.

Ready?  Apply Now!

Please complete the following application.  Good luck!

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