Thunder on the Mountain 2015 Tickets


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ALL SALES ARE FINAL: No refunds or exchanges FOR ANY REASON. Thunder on the Mountain Music and Camping Festival 2015 is RAIN or SHINE. All acts, times and locations are subject to change without notice.

ARKANSAS SALES TAX and ARKANSAS TOURISM TAX: All tickets have an 8% Arkansas Sales Tax added during the purchase. In addition to sales tax, all camping passes also have a 2% Arkansas Tourism Tax added during the purchase.

ABOUT SERVICE CHARGES: We at Pipeline Ticketing make every effort to keep our service charge as low as possible. This charge helps cover the cost of ticketing operations, which include but are not limited to ticketing software fees, credit card fees, labor, ticket stock, phone fees, and more. Pipeline Ticketing, LLC is a for profit organization, and a portion of the service charge is revenue for Pipeline Ticketing, LLC. Thank you for supporting your local, independent and super friendly ticketing company!

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